Hello, my name is Frederik. I'm IT professional with over 15 years of experience in implementing, managing and maintaining IT systems in corporate environments. I'm a hands-on guy who's driven to find the most efficient solution for a problem. I have a passion for innovative technology. Whenever I research a solution, I focus on simplicity and usability, so the user can get on with his work.

I founded MacBIT in 2008, as a means to address questions I was starting to receive from former colleagues to offer them advice and installation services. Since then, I've been doing projects for companies of all sizes, from small self-employed outfits to bigger companies who are looking for help in projects and installations. My main drive in doing MacBIT is to be able to offer the year-long experience I've built in my day to day job, and apply it to people who need it.

But don't take my word for it. This is what others have to say about my work :

"I've worked with a lot of 'IT-specialist' in my life but never had the joy as I had this time. Frederik knows his job very well but at the same time he still speaks a human language. I never worked with Apple before but afther a week with the help of Frederik everything is going smoothly. Now thanks to Frederik and Apple I know what computer means and I know what service is." -- Alan Debruyne, Diversito

"Don't look any further if you want to switch to Apple. Frederik will guide you through it with brilliance and perfection. He has strong technical skills, yet is able to explain in human words. Reliable, on time and passionate about his work, I strongly recommend Frederik." -- Ann Verbrugghe, Tao Projects