Personal Computers

We have a long history with the Mac. It's our platform of choice for home and small office computing, offering ease of use for your every day computing device. We'rea also pretty knowledgable when it comes to integrating them in larger networks. We also have extensive experience with Windows, both in home and corporate enviroments, for automated deployments.

Network Equipment

We've had good results deploying network switches from Allied Telesis. Their offerings are both powerful and stable, often at a fraction of the price of their competitors.

Storage Systems

We've deployed quite a few systems from Synology over the years. Their solutions are at the forefront of what can be achieved with local storage systems, for both the home and smaller office networks. For routing and wireless solutions, we have experience with both Synology for home networks, and FortiNet for professional and corporate environments.

Cloud Solutions

For personal cloud communications tools, we often work with Apple's iCloud. In multi-user environments, we have hands-on experience with Google Apps and Office 365.