For companies without a Corporate IT Manager, it can be hard to evaluate the relevance and sizing of submitted proposals by external suppliers. For an efficient and mutually beneficial partnership, It's mandatory that the right solution can be implemented with the right partner. With almost 20 years of experience in IT management, we can help you evaluate these proposals, considering the technical aspects, business requirements, supplier market and focus and company sizes.

Some areas we can help you with :

Business Software

Business solutions need to be tailored to the company they're implemented for, for efficiency's sake, it's necessary that all phases in the business process business process are seamlessly linked. We can help you detect gaps in your current business processes and, and help you discover the avenues that allow you to bridge them.

Cloud Solutions

For startups and small companies, cloud solutions offer an attractive package that has no problems scaling out, without having to source the right competence profiles. We can also help companies who are looking to migrate to the cloud.

Virtual Enviroments

Be it on site or in the cloud, virtualization is the only way for many companies to run their core systems effectively. We can offer independent advice on proposals during refresh cycles. Or help with migration from on-premisis to the cloud and vice versa.

Apple Integration in Corporate Environments

Integrating Macintosh and iOS devices in a corporate enviroment doesn't need to be a hassle. With over 20 years experience on the Macintosh platform, we can help you with best practices of integrating Macs with a Windows backend, so the Mac does not need to be a second class citizen on your corporate network.

Storage Systems

With non-structured data requirements exploding in the corporate sphere and secure data storage being more and more critical, its important to choose the correct data storage solution for your budget and needs.