For the novice, the details of the digital lifestyle can be daunting. We help the individual home user find his way in the digital forest. Here are some areas we can help you with :

Computer Installation and Training

We offer consumer and professional advise on PC and Post-PC devices. Together with you, we help you choose the right products to build your personal computing experience. We install your systems at your home, configure your accounts, transfer your data and make sure everything is running optimally.

Digital asset storage and streaming

These days, our lives are increasingly digitally registered. These digital assets form the basis of our future memories. Storing them in a secure manner in full resolution is an absolute requirement if we want to preserve these memories. We offer a range of storage solutions that simply plug into your existing network, that can securely store these assets so they are safe from data corruption, and that can unlock these assets for all other devices in the network, so they are readily available on your computers and smart devices.

Home Networks

When considering home networks, we're far away from the times where it was commen to have a single computer connected to the internet. Our home networks become increasingly crowded as it is the place where computers, smartphones, smart tv's, game consoles, digital streaming devices and home automation equipment all come together. This increased complexity is increasingly challenging since everything has to happen within a small budget. Nonetheless, we offer a range of powerful solutions, fit for the home.