When you're self-employed or working from your home environment, sub-optimal working devices can dramatically reduce your efficiency. We offer you advice about your systems, helping you decide when it's time to upgrade, and what type of device best fits your needs. We can help you find the best solution, do the installation and configuration for you, and offer you hands on training, so you understand what was installed and how it works.

Some areas we can help you with :


Be it Mac or Windows systems, we can help you set up your computers, smartphones and tablets so they are properly configured and secured, so you can trust they will work reliably when you need them.

Planning and Communication

In the present time with current workloads, being able to manage your time properly is essential. We can only communicate efficiently when the contacts we need are at our fingertips, and people's messages are instantly available. With Apple's iCloud and Google's Apps, we can make sure your emails, contacts, calendars, text messages, and personal notes are seamlessly available on all your devices, without the hassle of having to manage anything.

File Availibility and Security

For the unitiated, making files available across devices can be hassle. We implement systems for you, be it locally or in the cloud, so all your files can be used on all your devices, be it word and excel files, pictures or multimedia files. With being digitally dependent, it's mandatory that this happens with the right devices, systems that allow you to store your data securely, free from hardware failure, and that can protect them from data corruption, so your digital assets are safe.

Network Connectivity

These days, a computer is seldomly a stand alone device, our devices are constantly connected to wireless and wired networks, and the internet. Problematic connections to the network can be very decrimental to a device usability, and with increasing dependence on wireless networks and their abundance in certain places, it can become a challenge to ensure a stable connection. We can help you set up your networks so they are stable and available, and properly secured from the unknowns of the internet.

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